5 Questions with Brie Adderley

5 Questions with Brie Adderley

The Nyhus team is pleased to welcome Brie Adderley as its newest account manager! Read on for the latest installment in our 5 Questions series, where you’ll learn more about this global health research extraordinaire.

What are you looking forward to most in your new position?
I am a newcomer to the PR/PA industry so I am thrilled to tap the wealth of knowledge here at Nyhus and to learn to apply my experience from the public and non-profit sectors to a diverse portfolio of projects.


What’s the best part about your new job so far?
The incredible range of projects I get to work on in a given day. There is ample opportunity to apply my skills and to continually grow with our clients.


What is your proudest career moment?
The global health research grant that I managed for nearly seven years gained the attention and praise of the World Health Organization’s Director-General. He committed to using several of our key findings as part of WHO’s priority setting for Universal Health Coverage.


What do you like to do outside of work?
As a native Washingtonian I love the outdoors and take advantage of our accessible trails and lakes whenever possible.  I am also an avid baker and enjoy selling handmade paper crafts on Etsy.


What’s one thing about you that would surprise me?
I am a true crime enthusiast! It’s not a pleasant topic but I enjoy reading about folks who are dedicated to solving violent crimes, and figuring out why those crimes occur in the first place.