April 2017 Lede: Inspire and empower, despite April showers

April 2017 Lede: Inspire and empower, despite April showers

April brings warmer days and fragrant blooms. But the month’s relentless rain can dampen even the brightest spirits. This month, we are moved to uplift with examples of courageous and inventive business and policy work. Empower and inspire yourself with these tidbits.

Embracing experimentation in urban planning
This month, Nyhus hosted a dynamic forum on disruption in the built environment. Among the inspiring panelists was Sam Assefa, director of Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development. This Ethiopia-born architect’s incredible life story and global perspective inform his vision for thriving cities.

Hope for healthcare in the Heartland
Medical care in rural America faces steep challenges. Nonetheless, some rural hospitals – including one tucked into the hills above a remote town in central Idaho – are creatively deploying cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality care to their patients. Despite funding shortfalls and with a bit of ingenuity, rural hospitals are beating out their urban counterparts in developing innovative healthcare solutions.

The 100% Talent Wage Gap Summit is May 23 in Seattle
Pay inequity makes it harder to retain and attract top talent, damages company culture, and creates numerous other societal and economic problems. Nyhus is proud to be part of an effort to end the gender pay gap in King County. Learn how you can be part of the conversation.

Your internet history is up for grabs. How can states guard your privacy?
On April 3, President Trump signed a law that allows internet providers to sell your personal information without your permission. But the Washington State Legislature isn’t having it. Read about how state legislators are trying to protect your privacy.

Evaluating the Government like a Business
What if we evaluated the U.S. government’s success or failures based on key performance indicators, the way corporations measure their own success? Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, has launched a non-profit initiative called USAFacts to do just that. Ballmer hopes that with consistent and timely data about government performance, governments and citizens can make well-rounded, bipartisan decisions.