Crisis Management is
Reputation Management

We provide our clients a strategic approach that balances urgency and thoughtfulness to weather complex challenges.
We quickly assess the damage, prepare a response, monitor in real-time and actively manage evolving situations.

Crisis communication requires careful consideration, strategic thinking and objectivity to identify the stakeholders impacted by a crisis and anticipate their needs.

We are a dependable ally who brings an outside perspective and well-honed expertise to the consequential events our clients face.

Our Approach

Nyhus’ integrated approach ensures experience and instincts are supported by data and advanced communications tools. This is especially critical when considering reputational challenges that play out online. We partner with our clients to:

Deliver the right message at the right time through appropriate channels to reach key audiences.

Understand the landscape and motivations of possible detractors.

Be a source of information to set the record straight and, with time, change the conversation.

We support both public and private companies and those operating in heavily regulated industries including health care, technology, aviation, energy, natural resources, real estate development and biotechnology.

Each crisis is different and requires a hand-in-glove approach to defend our clients' reputation.

Our Services

Crisis plan development and execution​

Message development​ and activation

Spokesperson identification and training

Support during litigation

Media relations support

Our Services

Mergers & acquisitions communications and counsel

Real-time monitoring and crisis response

Digital communications management​

Crisis protocol development

Third-party activation

Our Work in Action