December 2016 Lede: Social media predictions for 2017 and demystifying content strategy

December 2016 Lede: Social media predictions for 2017 and demystifying content strategy

T-Mobile Believes Sharing Is Caring. Here’s Why.
T-Mobile is pioneering an “identity management platform” with a simple solution: One person, one number. If this catches on, expect big changes in how we communicate across platforms. Learn more from the Seattle Times.

Content Strategy IS Your Friend—Just Follow These Steps
Using communication tools to stand out and inspire others can be a challenge. Read this step-by-step breakdown detailing how a business developed its content-marketing strategy, and remember: Not everyone needs to know everything about your company all the time.

Stay One Step Ahead With Social Media Predictions of 2017
Social media consultant and author Andrew Hutchinson puts forth 24 in-depth predictions for social media advancements in the year to come. These range from Facebook’s virtual reality takeover to Instagram’s shopping potential. Read up before the New Year arrives and impress your whole team.

Breathe New Life into Your Presentations
When was the last time you found yourself enjoying a PowerPoint presentation? You’re not alone if you find the platform to be cumbersome and outdated. Michael Brennan, in the Harvard Business Review, lays out several thought-provoking alternatives that can bring insights, data, ideas and stories to life.

The Professional (& Personal) Benefits of Coworking Communities
In this TEDxTalk, NextSpace founder Jeremy Neuner explores the commute and the cubicle, as well as the hazardous effects of long hauls to the workplace. Among Neuner’s solutions is the idea of collaborative coworking spaces, which he suggests can result in more productivity, creativity, and empathy. Warning: Fascinating video ahead.