Disruption is the Name of the Game

Disruption is the Name of the Game

Seattle is a city of disruptors. From tech giants to public health, we live in a community where changing the world is both commonplace and encouraged. These can be tough waters to navigate, both as the “disruptor” and the “disrupted.” At Nyhus, we help our clients both drive change and find their way in this ever-evolving world.

In the rapid-paced realm of tech, you can be a young company shaking up the market one day and a dominant, established force the next. In this setting, it can be a tough transition from wide-eyed rookie to mature presence. “Old” disruptors like Facebook and Google have now become the establishment. Customers, industry newcomers and government regulators around the world scrutinize establishment companies more intensely. Thoughtful leadership avoids pitfalls. Can your business pivot?


Another week, another iteration of Amazon. If it feels like the tech giant regularly finds new ways to permeate our everyday lives, that’s because it does. Amazon’s joint venture with Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase sent shockwaves through the healthcare industry last year. It also made a splash recently in unveiling Haven Healthcare.


When acting as a disruptor, it’s important to bring your base supporters on the journey with you. In this way, the auto industry sets a great example. At the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, automakers unveiled the latest and greatest concept cars. These may seem like something out of the Jetsons, but they are actually more like the next James Bond Aston Martin. Car companies tactically introduce features that disrupt the market incrementally to normalize drastic changes and alleviate shock when they arrive.


You don’t have to unveil a flashy new product to change the world. But you do have to engage with those you plan to serve in order to ensure your idea lands with a bang and not a fizzle. Melinda Gates recently launched a new website called Evoke, which aims to build a “community of optimists” by highlighting stories about inspiring people and projects.


When you engage, you have the chance to influence those around you. But before you can be a disruptor you need to help others understand the basics of the issue. For example, the Seattle City Council recently passed Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) legislation amid many questions and some confusion. Demystifying the jargon can help people better determine where they fit in, and where they stand. This month on the Nyhus blog, we help you learn more about the Commercial Real Estate industry with a glossary of key terms.