Seattle can be described in many ways — progressive, inclusive, even enlightened — but is it a model for equality? According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, women in Seattle earn just 76 cents for every dollar earned by a male counterpart.

And this is not just a Seattle issue. If King County were a state, it would be one of the top ten worst states for gender wage equity. That certainly doesn’t sound like the Seattle we know and love, so Nyhus is partnering with 100% Talent to make gender wage inequity a thing of the past.

100% Talent, a joint initiative of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Funding Alliance provides King County businesses a path forward. By offering actionable, proven best practices curated from similar global initiatives, 100% Talent is working to show CEOs and HR directors that they can act today to achieve gender wage parity at their companies.

Why do we care?

We’re local. We’re global. Nearly 50 percent of our incredible, witty, talented staff is female. We are LGBT people, people of color, Oreo Peep lovers and Oreo Peep haters… and we know that rising tides lift all boats.

What’s good for King County workers is good for King County businesses.

So, what can you do to be part of the solution?

Register for the first inaugural 100% Talent Gender Wage Gap Summit on May 23.

The summit, a half-day event, will include knowledgeable, inspiring speakers and engaging workshops to help attendees understand how gender wage inequity impacts recruitment and retention of top talent, the negative impact it has on your bottom line and the simple steps companies can take to improve.

We hope you will join us on May 23 for this important conversation.