February 2017 Lede: Fact or Fiction? What’s Real in the Era of Fake News

February 2017 Lede: Fact or Fiction? What’s Real in the Era of Fake News

February is often associated with love. Accordingly, we’re reflecting on spreading kindness online and growing mutual understanding through nuanced discourse. And for communications to change the world, truth must triumph. We’re sharing insights about how tools used to fabricate and manipulate are evolving, and also about how to avoid deception in the era of fake news.

Calling BS on Misleading Data
Feeling manipulated by big data? Two University of Washington professors are making waves for their edgy course offering, “Calling Bullshit in the age of Big Data.” Katherine Long of the Seattle Times shares their story, and their webpage, which we highly recommend you explore for your own amusement and education purposes.

Fake News is Only Beginning to Discover its Potential
Fake news received a lot of attention during the most recent U.S. election. Misinformation is threatening the media, business, and according to Vanity Fair’s Nick Bilton – ‘democracy itself.’ With rapid advancements in technology, we all need to be prepared to protect truth and credibilty.

Restoring Engagement and Understanding
How often do you admit when you are wrong? Can you set aside the urge to argue long enough to hear someone out? Sean Blanda shares his thoughts on Medium.com on the loss of nuanced discourse in America and what we can do to bring it back.

Be the Change: Unite for a Better Internet
Kim Sanchez, Nyhus’ director of public affairs, is asking us to spread kindness online. Formerly with Microsoft, Kim is an expert on issues related to internet safety, cybersecurity, privacy and accessibility.

Snapchat Offering 3rd Party Measurement Tools to Independently Verify Ad Performance
Trying to reach millennials? Snapchat is now letting brands plan and pay for ad campaigns using Nielsen’s digital ratings according to a recent article in Advertising Age. This is good news.