March 2017 Lede: Spring Forward with These Great Stories

March 2017 Lede: Spring Forward with These Great Stories

March offers lots to love. It’s the official start of spring, bringing more light and blooming trees and flowers, not to mention the “Madness” that grips the nation (Go Zags!). A few articles, each with a theme of renewal and re-invention, caught our eye this month. So in between games and cheering for your team, check out what we’re reading—and sharing—below.

And the Oscar goes to… poor typography! (Also, Moonlight!)
Could better typography have prevented the biggest disaster in the history of the Oscars? The answer is yes. Read on and learn how the simple design practices we preach could have saved the awards show from humiliation.

The Most Hospitable Army: Airbnb arms hosts with advocacy tools
Airbnb brings their disruptive business model to grassroots activism, the company is drawing on its diverse network of hosts to advocate for more favorable regulatory environments. Using transparent communication channels, including the formation of a host advisory board, Airbnb is molding the company’s primary revenue stream into a powerful group of citizen activists. Issues this group is already taking on include immigration, transgender rights and urban housing crises.

City Council’s plan to increase housing access is looking up (literally)
Preparing to take advantage of the City Council’s latest U District upzone approval? Make sure you have a plan to engage the community and a solution that makes housing more affordable.

Competition begins to tighten for Slack
Last November, $3.8 billion chat startup Slack raised eyebrows when they paid for a full page New York Times ad – directed squarely at Microsoft. This week’s release of Microsoft’s competing platform, along with Google’s intention to develop a similar work chat app, leaves little question Slack’s base of paid users is about to be tapped by new rivals. While some predict a collapse, Slack’s simplicity has already turned many consumers into advocates. To emerge triumphant from their two front chat war, Slack needs to double down on promoting this brand loyalty, rather than paying for ads that only serve to raise a competitor’s profile.

Be Prepared: Take initiative to avoid a crisis
A flashlight, water bottle and a blanket won’t help you in a communication crisis. Nyhus’ Mike Gilmore provides you with a few tips in his blog post to prepare for and manage through a crisis.