New E-Book Demystifies Seattle’s Complex Entitlements Process

New E-Book Demystifies Seattle’s Complex Entitlements Process

The Emerald City is white hot.

“Seattle is a special place, brimming with opportunity in every category of development. But maximizing those opportunities requires navigating a complicated and sometimes litigious land-use approval process that is both typical of large municipalities and uniquely reflective of Seattle’s culture: an often highly-politicized system studded with potential choke points where opponents can significantly slow – or even halt – the approval process. To prevail, one must know the terrain, understand the mindset of numerous stakeholders and employ trusted advisers.

The key to winning timely approval in this environment is a well-crafted strategy informed by master-level knowledge of the system, the process, the influencers and the decision-makers.”

Today, Nyhus is proud to unveil our new e-book, Land Use in Seattle: Mastering the Art of the Possible, that outlines the steps to success for a land-use project in Seattle.

“Seattle has seen unprecedented growth and development in recent years, and more and more of our business relates to helping our clients navigate the complicated land-use approval process,” said Roger Nyhus, president and CEO, Nyhus Communications.

“We wanted to find a fresh way to help those in the land-use sector understand complex regulations and processes that could have an impact on their development schedule and funding. Our vision for the e-book is an efficient and user-friendly tool that can serve as a reference for answers to their questions about the City’s latest land use laws,” Nyhus said.

The e-book focuses on Seattle’s unique regulations. It paints a comprehensive picture of the construction landscape in Seattle and puts forth advice on how to navigate processes from the Pre-Application Phase to the Early Design Guidance hearing. It also offers insider ideas on how to assemble a robust Seattle-based development team, how to engage important stakeholders and how to connect with local media and government entities.

In this e-book you will learn:
– Who should comprise your land-use team
– The key players that can impact the development process
– Step-by-step instructions to successfully navigate the entitlements process, with special focus on Seattle’s unique procedures
– Best practices for a successful Early Design Guidance meeting

Download your free copy of the e-book today!