Implementing Lasting Change

Highlighting Local News

Project Summary

The myriad advances in technology and lifestyle changes for TV audiences present both a challenge and an opportunity stations like the Seattle Channel. With fewer cable subscribers and less funding coming from franchise agreements, how can the Seattle Channel continue to redefine excellence and demonstrate its inherent value in a manner that is sustainable, accessible and interesting to its audience? Due to an outdated strategic plan, the Seattle Channel was limited in its ability to explore new content, marketing and partnerships opportunities. The Seattle Channel needed a new series of strategic recommendations to ensure success for the next 15 years.


Seattle Channel


Public Affairs, Public Relations


Positioned the Seattle Channel as an engaging local news option. 


The Seattle Channel partnered with Nyhus to develop new recommendations to guide its strategic direction. Nyhus implemented a robust discovery process including an influencer audit, social media and competitive landscape audit, online survey and stakeholder audit to provide the bedrock of our work. Nyhus convened an advisory committee comprised of experts in the media landscape to serve as the high-level advisers throughout the process. Nyhus worked side-by-side with key members of the Seattle Channel team to ensure seamless information sharing and project updates.


  • Implemented closed-captioning on all broadcasts to expanding its presence on social media.
  • Implemented a newsletter to better share context with other regional news outlets to supplement reporting efforts.
  • Leveraged the recommendations to make key staffing changes to ensure that the organization keeps up with the changing newsroom structure.
  • On April 19, 2019, the Seattle Channel received 17 Northwest Emmy Nominations.