Shine a Light. Make a Difference.

Shine a Light. Make a Difference.

Inspire change, solve problems, create lasting impact. This mission drives us at Nyhus, and we love taking inspiration from others who are doing it well. This month, we are sharing noteworthy communications trends and achievements, as well as an energizing vision for the future of urban transportation.

Facebook Lifts the Veil on Advertisers
For years, Facebook has been an opaque sea of advertising, with minimal restrictions and broad reach. But the fallout from Russian interference in the 2016 election prompted an internal review that has led the social media giant to acknowledge its role in shaping politics and public perception. Now Facebook is taking steps to shine a light on previously hidden practices, according to Wired. As transparency grows in digital advertising, brands and candidates should be paying attention.

Enquirer Inspires Change with Powerful, Personal Stories
In July, the Cincinnati Enquirer sent more than 60 reporters, photographers, videographers and investigators to towns across Ohio and Kentucky to chronicle a week in the life of a society overwhelmed by heroin. What they captured puts the nation’s staggering opioid epidemic in proportion and will help spur action that makes a difference.

Teams Design a Face-Lyft for Urban Streets
Sick of sitting in traffic? Autonomous vehicles, shared rides and strong urban design could be the answer. Rideshare giant Lyft has partnered with transportation experts to imagine a future that cuts congestion, invites walking and transports vastly more people. Matt McFarland of CNN Money explores how a redesigned Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles could create safer and more efficient streets for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Tech Giant Creates a Mammoth Stir
Amazon has a way of gripping national attention with bold ideas. Its most recent shocker has management experts talking about whether two headquarters are better than one. Perhaps Amazon’s two-pizza approach can overcome the slower decision-making and administrative redundancies that some interviewed by the Seattle Times suggest could result from its decision to set up a second home base. Whatever the outcome, Amazon’s “HQ2” announcement was a brilliant way to get North America’s attention.

Smart Communications Can Save Lives
In the wake of natural disasters, communication is more important – and more difficult – than ever. In his piece for, Nyhus Account Director Sam Jefferies spotlights the Houston mayor’s successes with transparent and reliable communications before, during and after Hurricane Harvey.