A-B-C, it’s easy as 1-2-3… or is it? If you’re scratching your head trying to keep the vernacular straight in Seattle’s Commercial Real Estate (CRE), you’re not alone! As the city council gets ready to vote on Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) regulations today, it can be tough to keep straight all the various terms, phrases and associations they refer to during deliberations.

From ADU to TOD, we’re breaking down some of the most common acronyms used in Commercial Real Estate below. Follow along as we go through the ABC’s of CRE (commercial real estate)!

Commercial Real Estate Acronym Dictionary

ADU – Accessory dwelling unit, these can be attached (AADU) or detached (DADU)

AMI – Area Median Income

CID – Chinatown-International District

DCI – Department of Construction and Inspections

DNS – Determination of Non-Significance

DON – Delivery Order Number

DRB – Design Review Board

EDG – Early Design Guidance

EIS – Environmental Impact Study

FAR – Floor Area Ratio

FTS – Fast Track Settlement/Service (First Time Sewerage?)

HALA – Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda

Incentive Zoning – allows new development in certain areas to voluntarily achieve extra floor area in exchange for providing certain public benefits. New capacity allowed through the rezoning of a property must be earned through incentive zoning.

ISRD – International Special Review

LOS – Level of Service

LURC – Land-Use Review Committee

MFTE – Motor Fuel Tax Evasion

MHA – Mandatory Housing Affordability

MIZ – Mobile-Immobile-Zones

MUP – Master Use Permit

NAC – Neighborhood Advisory Committee

OPCD – Office of Planning & Community Development

PLUZ – City Council Committee on Planning, Land Use, and Zoning

SEPA – State Environmental Policy Act (environmental review process)

SLI – Statement of Legislative Intent

TDP – Transferrable Development Potential

TDR – Transferrable Development Rights

TOD – Transit Oriented Development