#ThingsToGetYouThinking: Facebook’s Mini Diaspora and The Rise of Snapchat

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Facebook exec admits the social network is losing younger usersThis week, Facebook fed us mediafiles two interesting bites of information. They broke news that young people are increasingly leaving the social network, in favor of other platforms. One intrepid reporter asked founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg if these early teens are leaving Facebook because it is no longer “cool.” His response: that “just isn’t true.” Well then, Mark, how do you explain the fact that 66 percent of people aged 50-64 are now on Facebook? [image courtesy of New York Daily News]


Snapchat is thriving and that’s a great sign for your privacy: One of those platforms that young teens (and others) are increasingly turning toward is Snapchat. Call it the anti-Facebook. Snapchat represents everything eliminated when it revolutionized social media in the early 2000s. Instead of having your conversations publicly available in the cloud, Snapchat allows users to engage personally in disposable interactions lasting only a matter of seconds. But the big news here is that Snapchat is exploding! Where Instagram was valued and sold at $1 billion, Snapchat is being valued at $3.5 billion. Now that’s a number worth saving.


For ‘Equal Pay Day’,An ATM That Gives Less Money To Men: While the event in this is a bit dated (it took place in April) it’s a topic that has come up during many recent political races. This was a clever way to put the stats into something tangible. Will this continue to be a big issue in Seattle? Who will take the lead?