Unlikely Lessons from Joni Mitchell

Unlikely Lessons from Joni Mitchell

“You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” Nearly fifty years on, Joni Mitchell’s lyrics ring as true today as they did when she sang about $1.50 museum tickets. In the spirit of appreciating the “little” things we shouldn’t take for granted, we’re reading about those bread-and-butter elements of effective communications that we should never lose sight of, such as brand-building, audience attention and crisis planning.

You’ve Got SPAM! (the good kind)
SPAM® (the ubiquitous canned meat, not junk email) is inexpensive, portable and shelf-stable for up to five years. But its most remarkable feature is the item’s carefully cultivated – and labyrinthine – brand story. Turning an unassuming can of pork (and five other ingredients) into a beloved symbol of American eccentricity and ingenuity doesn’t just happen by accident. David Brake at The Conversation recaps how SPAM® engages consumers through a thoughtful, evolving strategy that goes beyond traditional advertising to establish a cultural icon.

Excuse Me, Do You Have Six Seconds to Spare?
With consumer attention spans whittled down to their lowest common denominator, mini-spots are gaining traction as a serious force in brand advertising. Companies like Michelin are exploring this quirky format to tell brief, powerful stories. How will our methods of storytelling adapt to this hyper-brief format, and can it resonate with audiences of every age? Adweek explores this growing practice and shares some powerful six-second spots.

Ready. Set. Crisis.
Every business should be prepared for a misstep . . . and then for the potential PR crisis that could ensue. Karen Wickre from Wired.com explains step-by-step how to prepare for a crisis, weather the storm and emerge with your brand intact. Knowing the do’s and don’ts in a time of crisis can make all the difference between life and death for a business.

Elevator Pitch (and yaw)
Is there a more awkward, uncomfortable space than an elevator crammed with strangers, pre-caffeine, late to that first morning meeting, everyone desperately trying to avoid any sort of interaction – let alone the dreaded invasion of personal space? Can the next generation of elevators hold the key to relieving the excruciating inanity of the uncomfortable elevator ride? Please, ThyssenKrupp??

Unlocking the Grid: The Future of Urban Transportation
You are invited to join Nyhus as we explore the future of urban transportation. With its dynamic tech sector, our region is poised to lead the way nationally as we rethink how we get from place to place. You will hear from experts about the economic, social and environmental impacts of a transportation grid that is more autonomous, connected, electric and shared. Space is limited so RSVP today to save your seat!