Our Values Guide Our Work

They are the defining characteristics of our company’s culture, created and honed by team members over time. Our values direct the ways in which we serve our clients, connect with our community, and invest in each other’s success.

This is how we want to behave –
the culture we want to sustain.

Redefine Excellence

We execute at the highest level of quality while consistently seeking to improve. We redefine the standard of excellence in our industry.

Act Like an Owner

We all take initiative and responsibility to anticipate the impacts our actions have on the team, our clients and our company.

Serve With Purpose

We never lose sight of the forest, whether we are in service to our community, our clients’ best interests or the long-term benefit of our company and team.​

Be Present, Work as a Team,
Act with Intention

We place a high value on respect, celebrate teamwork and collaboration, and consistently strive to learn and understand.

Communicate With Candor

We prioritize honesty, courage and transparency with our team and our clients; we tell the truth respectfully even when it makes things more difficult.

Our values in practice

  • As communications professionals, we understand the power of words. We also know that words alone are not enough. We must act on our values and consistently demonstrate our commitments.
  • Nyhus is dedicating resources to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded into the core of our company. We are proud of the legacy we have built serving visionary clients and our community for nearly three decades, and we are committed to leveraging our position to help dismantle systemic inequities and advocate for what is right.
  • We are taking an active approach to advance DEI in our workplace and to integrate equity and inclusion into our strategic planning through an employee-driven DEI working group and designated DEI leader. This group is responsible for setting priorities for our company and driving decision-making in partnership with the executive team.
  • We are building a culture that embraces and celebrates diversity in all forms, beginning with deliberate steps that will lay a foundation for longer-term investments and make a measurable difference.
  • Current initiatives and priorities include:
  • 1. Participating in the Diversity Action Alliance commitment to help make measurable progress in advancing DEI in the PR industry
  • 2. Continuing to foster relationships with local DEI leaders and amplify subject matter experts to gain a better understanding of the local landscape and promote local leaders within our networks
  • 3. Convening candid conversations, both internally and externally, that inform our understanding of the real impacts that injustice has on the people we serve and work alongside  
  • 4. Developing a style guide that outlines the language our firm uses to reflect and respect diversity and inclusion in all our communications
  • 5. Evaluating our recruiting and hiring practices for staff and interns to address biases in our process and make future hiring more equitable and inclusive
  • 6. Taking active roles on DEI-focused committees, boards and councils that demonstrate our commitment to being good stewards of our community and industry